Nadya Rofman

Marketing Manager

Nadya holds a PhD from the European Industrial Doctorates (EID) program, in collaboration between the Precision Diagnostics Group at IBM Research in Zurich and Technion (Israel). Prior to that, she earned a BSc in Mechanical Engineering in 2013 and an MSc in Microsystems in 2015. After completing her PhD, she joined the Laboratory of Microsystems at EPFL as a scientist.
With experience in diverse projects, Nadya has a multidisciplinary technical background in microtechnology, biosensors, medical diagnostic devices, and electro-opto-mechanical systems. During her PhD, she invented four patents, two of which were licensed to companies and commercialized.
Nadya is passionate about innovation and scientific communication, and has supported scientific communication and outreach activities in each of the groups she has worked with, both in industry and academia. She joined Innovation Forum Lausanne as a Marketing Manager to promote its activities and organize events that strengthen the ties between academic and industry partners.

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