Claudia Bigoni

Claudia is a young and curious scientist. She has finished her master in Bioengineering at EPFL in 2017 and is now doing an internship at Advanced Clinical Imaging Technology - Siemens Healthcare. In her research she wants to apply her engineering knowledge and skills to clinical problems. Especially, she is interested in the field on neuroprosthetics and clinical neuroscience in which she would like to start a PhD next year.

She joined the Innovation Forum Lausanne in October 2017. There, she will participate in the organization of the future Imagine IF! After having worked in a startup herself and experienced an accelerator environment, she understood how the new generation is full of innovative and successful ideas. For this reason, she wants to play a role in promoting entrepreneurship in young and motivated scientists.

Other team Members

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Daniel Migliozzi

Events Associate

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Davide Coda

Associate, junior Imagine IF! director

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