Davide Coda

Associate, junior Imagine IF! director

Postdoctoral Researcher Laboratory of Prof. Johannes Gräff Brain and Mind Institute

Davide is a passionate, open minded scientist with a long-standing interest in epigenetics, transcription regulation and cell signalling. Davide obtained his PhD from the Francis Crick Institute in London, and moved to Lausanne in May 2019 to start his postdoc in the lab of Neuroepigenetics at EPFL. His research focuses on understanding the molecular and epigenetics processes that govern learning, memory and memory loss. Enthusiast about technology and innovation in life science, Davide joined Innovation Forum Lausanne in June 2019. So far, he has contributed to organizing different events and promoting the Association initiative within the swiss startup ecosystem. When is not working in the lab, you can probably find him sailing on the Leman lake, or climbing-up a mountain in the Swiss Alps.

Other team Members

Matteo Bevione


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Luca Szabo

Social Media Manager

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Eleonora Borda

Vice-President for Business Development

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Nick Miles

Adivsory Board Member, Innovation Forum Lausanne

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Diana Xie


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