Caterina Bigoni

Senior Advisor

Caterina is a PhD candidate in Computational Mathematics at EPF Lausanne and her research focuses on data assimilation, a process to combine mathematical models with data sources. For this, she employs Reduced Order Modeling techniques for Finite Element simulations and machine learning algorithms to make predictions. She also holds a Masters degree in Computational Science and Engineering from EPFL and a Bachelor degree in Mathematical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano.

Because of her genuine interest in better understanding the relationship between research and innovation, she joined IF Lausanne in December 2016. Since then, she has led the organisation of several events as well as the local IMAGINE IF! accelerator programme, co-managing a team of 15 people.

She spends most of her free time in natural surroundings doing outdoor sports such as hiking, rock climbing, cross-country skiing, and long-distance running.

Other team Members

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Nadya Rofman

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Claudia Bigoni

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