Andrea Di Russo

Andrea is a young scientist interested in the aspects of robotics and computational modeling approaches in Neurorehabilitation of locomotion. He finished his Master in Bioengineering at EPFL in April 2018 and started his PhD in Robotics and Intelligent Systems in September 2018. His research focuses on neuromucular modeling of pathological human locomotion resulting from motor impairments due to brain injuries such as cerebral palsy. The final goal of this study is to be able to predict pathological gait and surgical outcomes through computer simulations in order to help surgeons in decision making in treating patients.

Andrea has always been interested in promoting innovative technologies, especially in healthcare, given the consistent gap present between research and clinics and the major difficulties encountered by entrepreneurs involved in biomedical technologies. For this reason, Andrea joined the Innovation Forum Lausanne in November 2018 and is taking part in promoting ventures through “Innovator of the month” interviews and in being in contact with different startup.

Other team Members

Alain Le Berre

Industry Advisor

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Eleonora Borda

Vice-President for Business Development

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Dr Sandra Sulser

Adivsory Board Member, Innovation Forum Lausanne

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Daniel Migliozzi

Events Associate

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Luca Szabo

Social Media Manager

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