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Cara Buchanan

Director of Marketing

Cara is a biomedical engineer who joined Innovation Forum Lausanne in 2016 as the Marketing Director. She moved to Lausanne in 2013 to do a post-doc at EPFL after finishing her PhD at Virginia Tech. Her expertise is in biomaterials and tissue engineering for cancer research. Currently, she is working as a Project Specialist at QGel SA, a start-up company spun-out of EPFL that specializes in the development of tumor organoids for in vitro drug discovery. Outside of science and innovation, Cara enjoys outdoor adventures, yoga, and most things Italian.

Articles by Cara Buchanan

foto-noticia Lausanne

Computational Creativity – Will artificial intelligence replace your favorite human artist?

Part of a global network of scientists, entrepreneurs and professionals, our goal is to connect creative thinkers, foster innovations and promote the collaboration between academia and the business scene of New York City.

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