The Lausanne finalists of IMAGINE IF! 2022

Adele Fanelli Written by Adele Fanelli
Published on 29 March 2022
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Article written by Anna Lena May.

Congratulations to our selected startups for IMAGINE IF! 2022!

We are thrilled to announce the cohort of startups participating in our accelerator program IMAGINE IF!

This year, we have selected six visionary startups in the fields of life sciences and cleantech which convinced us with their innovative business ideas and disruptive technologies (no ranking order): 

1SeaStem is a startup developing a solar seaweed dryer to meet the growing demands for seaweed with clean, bio-inspired technology.

2Simulatory wants to realize the world’s first virtual endoscopic spine surgery simulator to train surgeons in ultra-minimally invasive endoscopic techniques for spinal surgery.

3 – Bearmind aims to analyze and reduce long-term brain damage related to head hits in contact-sports such as Ice Hockey. In order to do so, they want to provide real-time concussion risk assessment with the help of sensors integrated in the player’s helmets and whose signals are then evaluated by advanced algorithms. 

4 – Autonomyo is targeting improved rehabilitation of neurological patients with the help of an exoskeleton and a digital training app, allowing the patient to train autonomously. 

5 – NanoDecoder plans to utilize nanopore sensing as a data storage system by decoding digital information that was previously encoded in DNA or synthetic polymers. Additionally, nanopore sensing in combination with machine learning could be applied to detect molecules from early stage neurodegenerative diseases in human biological fluids. 

6 – aiEndoscopic is using AI to train robotic endoscopes, such as those for tracheal intubation, to assist physicians during procedures. This could optimize such medical maneuvers, making the outcome less dependent on the operator’s individual skills.

The startups will now start the 1-1 mentoring phase and participate in exclusive workshops and networking events, so that they can make significant progress during the next 12 weeks. We’re looking forward to the outcome of the program and are excited to have you on board!

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