Meet the Exhibitors! Virtual & Augmented Reality Event 2017

Carlos Ciller Written by Carlos Ciller
Published on 01 April 2017
4 min. read

Meet the EXHIBITORS and SPONSORS for our event in Virtual Reality on April 3rd!

Artanim : “VR/AR applications and 3D simulation for surgery, entertainment and manufacturing”

EPFL – Immersive Interaction Group : “Immersive Full-body interaction”

HES – Geneve : “3D virtual modeling and simulation for computer-assisted surgery and teaching”

HES – Valais : “AR in education”

Idezo : “Mindful VR”

Imverse : “From a single 2D picture to a 3D virtual interactive environment”

L’Avenue Digital Media (ADM) : “ADM’s Interactive Engineering Studio”

Ozwe : “Anshar Wars 2 – A Highly Praised Arcade-Style, VR Space Doghfighting Shooter”

RHRN : “The Difficult People Project:  Using Virtual Reality to Explore the Impacts of Mental Health Problems”

Swisscom : “Interactive Live Virtual Reality”


UNIL / HEC : “Immersive Virtual Reality for the Study and Training of Interpersonal Behavior”

Vedavi : “VEDAVI VR Human Anatomy – Medical Education in Virtual Reality”

VirtaMed : “Inside Keyhole Surgery”

World VR Forum : “VR Café”

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