Ece Yildiz


Ece has recently graduated from EPFL with a Master’s Degree in Bioengineering. She is passionate about regenerative medicine especially about tissue engineering and biomaterials. Combining her molecular biology background with engineering approaches she is curious about developing novel technologies with practical biological applications. She is currently doing an internship at the Microbiorobotic Systems Laboratory at EPFL focusing on investigating the effects of mechanical forces on tissue remodelling and regeneration.

She has recently joined Innovation Forum Lausanne in October 2017, as she has a deep respect for the scientist entrepreneurs and wants to become one in future. With the motivation in promoting entrepreneurship and the related soft skills among the interested scientists, she takes part in the organization of events as well as the “Innovator of the Month” section of the Innovation Forum Lausanne website.

Other team Members

Lorenzo Massa

Advisory Board Member, Innovation Forum Lausanne

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Business Development Associate

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Vice-President for Marketing

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Alexandre Gachet

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