Beatrice Volpe

President - Innovation Forum Lausanne

Beatrice was born in Italy where she obtained a Bachelor degree in Health Biotechnologies and a Masters degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies at the University of Padua. She moved to EPFL in Switzerland for her PhD to explore the immunological world studying the immune response against intestinal parasitic worm infections. She recently gained her PhD and would now love to contribute to the innovative and challenging developments of the biotech and pharma industry.

She joined the Innovation Forum Lausanne branch at the very beginning and she has followed its growth with excitement and passion as Event Manager, Vice-President and, for the last year, President. She truly enjoys interacting with innovative and brilliant people and supporting scientist-entrepreneurs to leverage the potential of their ideas and make them real!

Other team Members

Konard Domanski

Senior Project Manager

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Caterina Bigoni

Vice President

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Business Development Associate

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Nick Miles

Adivsory Board Member, Innovation Forum Lausanne

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