NeuroTech Talk – Non-invasive peripheral nerve interfaces

Thursday, March 31st 2022

Online - Zoom

18:00 – 20:00 (CET)

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Innovation Forum Lausanne, together with the Center for Neuroprosthetics is thrilled to welcome you to the next session of the NeuroTech Talk Series, on Thursday 31st of March at 18h00 CET, focused on non-invasive peripheral nerves interfacesDr Solaiman Shokur, from the Bertarelli Foundation Chair in Translational Neuroengineering of EPFL and working on non-invasive brain-machine interfaces, will be moderating the seminar and introducing the speakers:

- Alejandro Covalin, CTO of Spark Biomedical,  a startup that develops non-invasive technology for the drug-free treatment of opioid addiction.

- Kate Rosenbluth, founder and CSO at Cala Health, which pioneers the development of wearable neurostimulation devices, including an individualized therapy for the treatment of essential tremor (Cala Trio).

- Miguel López, CEO and co-Founder of XanaStim, a Swiss neurotechnology company that develops and commercializes non-invasive neurostimulation systems.

The event will be fully online. Register now and you will receive the Zoom link the day before the event. The event will not be recorded.


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